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Jail Information

View our current inmate population JAIL.TAYLORSHERIFF.ORG

The goal of the Taylor County Jail is to provide a secure, safe and humane environment for staff and inmates, while protecting our community. The jail houses pre-trial, pre-sentenced, county and state sentenced male and female inmates.

You may contact us at (850) 584-4333 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Taylor County Jail Visitation

Visitation schedules are listed within the inmates booking file, JAIL.TAYLORSHERIFF.ORG

Rules & Regulations

  1. No visitor shall be permitted visitation while in an intoxicated state or under the influence of illegal substances
  2. Inmates who are violent or otherwise unmanageable may be denied visitation for safety and security reasons.
  3. No packages or clothing shall be accepted for inmates. Medical needs shall be addressed by the Facility Health Authority. Money orders or cash may be accepted during visitation hours.
  4. Provocative dress and clothing items with suggestive, obscene or inflammatory, monograms which would disrupt the security and order of the facility shall not be permitted.
  5. Visitors who stay over the time limit, shall be warned that any further occurrence of this nature will constitute a suspension of visitation privileges for a period of seven days (for the visitor only).
  6. If the visitor is wishing to visit more than one inmate, he/she must repeat the sign-in process for each visit.
  7. All visitors will be required to register upon entry into the detention facility.
  8. A visitor may be subject to a search if there is reason to believe that he/she is in possession of contraband; however, the visitor will be given the option of leaving the facility rather than submitting to a search.
  9. Visitors creating a disturbance or using obscene language will be asked to leave and their visit will be terminated.
  10. Nothing will be passed between visitors and inmates.
  11. Introduction of contraband into the facility may result in arrest and criminal prosecution.
  12. A copy of these rules and regulations may be received upon request by the inmate or visitor.
  13. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to visit.