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Civil Process/Warrant

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office civil division carries out the statutory responsibility of serving and returning judicial process and enforcing judgments and orders that originate from the courts, governmental agencies and private attorneys.

The civil section also enforces levies and conducts sheriff’s sales to aid in the collection of money judgments. Annually, Taylor County’s civil unit processes and serves more than 1,500 warrants, writs, summons, injunctions and court orders.

Please note that the civil division does not provide legal advice or assist in the preparation of documents.

For process of service, at a minimum, you must provide the original process or certified copy along with a copy for service for each individual, the best address available where document is to be served the applicable fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope so that we may send back your original and return of service.

Fees for service of process are fixed by Florida Statute 30.231 and are non-refundable. We accept cash, checks and money orders.

Administrative Office (Records Request & Civil )- 850-584-4225

Sheriff Wayne Padgett
Taylor County Sheriff’s Office

108 North Jefferson Street, Suite 103
Perry, FL 32347